Hi Russell

Just a note to let you know that I received the keys today,
and I am very pleased with the purchase.

Thanks got my keys yesterday love them.
Hard to believe I found a c&wc key. Many thanks

Russell: Thanks for the complement!
I appreciate your holding the NA&S RR key for me!
Having collected Monon Railroad artifacts for over 35 years,
I figured that I would never find a NA&S lock or key.
I've never seen either before.
To me, this is one of the "Holy Grails" of early Monon artifacts!
Thanks for offering this gem!!

Hi Russell,

Just wanted to let you know the three keys arrived safely
and I am pleased with all of them.

Thanks again,

Hi Russell, I got the M&L RR key today and it looks great.
Happy to add it to my collection.

Hi Russell
The keys arrived today in good shape
I want to thank you again for all that you have done
to help me obtain some very nice keys that I really appreciate.

Hi Russell,
Received the NN car key today,
and it works the lock perfectly. Thanks,

Hello Russell,

The keys are here in this morning’s mail – !? they
must have flown. Thanks so much for sending them
immediately. Just a quick note to let you know how
pleased I am.

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday and that
your weekend is going well.

Kind regards,

Hi Russell,
I actually received your box in the mail today.
It was like opening little presents one by one.
Very nice keys.

Hi Russell,

Shipment of keys from early last week did arrive on Friday
and they all look great. Thank you.

Russell, The box of keys arrived safe and sound and I'm very
pleased with all of them quite a chuck of change but really
doubt I'll see keys like these again thanks. I've looked over your
site quite a few times and lots of keys are gone so better put in
an order for 3 more before they disappear please put them on
hold for me and email me final price with shipping and insurance.
I've heard from quite a few fellow collectors about your web site
and I've let some of my friends know about it also they bought
some keys from you also and were well pleased.
Isn't it a bit hard to sell them after collecting them for so long
I know when the day comes for me to part with mine will be
tough to do as kind of get attached to them over time especially
local roads from my area.

YES, it is hard to sell them after collecting the keys for
so long, but very rewarding when the people buying them
really appreciate acquiring certain keys for their collections


Russell: Both keys arrived in great shape, as-advertised.
I am very pleased with them!

Keys arrived in fine order today.
Happy New Year,

Hi Russell,

The keys arrived today, in great condition. THANKS AGAIN!

All the best,

Hello Russell, the CP key showed up today. Thanks very much.
Still contemplating a couple of other Canadian ones but I'll let you know
later. Thanks again


Keys arrived safely and in great shape. I am more than a little thrilled
with an ET&WNC key!

Thanks for all your time and knowledge you put into your collection over
the years... I assure you these keys have found a good home and, after my demise,
will reside at the SE Narrow Gauge & Shortline Museum

Russell received the LOP&G key today. Thank you very much for the keys.

I received he CLS&E Ry key in fine shape!
Thanks for another great transaction!

Hello,Russell Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know the keys arrived
safe and sound.I am very pleased with all of them,thank you very much!
I am sure I will be making other purchases in the future. Take care!

Russell...thank you for the 4 keys I recently purchased...
they arrived today and in great shape...my favorite is the
Long Island Rail Road, but the Long Isle marked key is too far
out of my range...maybe some day.
At any rate, they are beautiful, packed thoroughly and thank
you for selling them to me...will pass your list on to others to
see what they 'can't live without'...
God Bless,

Got the two keys today. They are beauties.
Many thanks

Hello Russell,
Got the two keys in good condition on Wednesday while I
was away. Thanks very much.

Hello Russell,

The N C R W was beautiful and it opened my NCRW fancyback lock beautifully (I guess that settles the argument regarding exactly what letters those are on the back of the lock . . . I KNEW I was right!!!). And that C. P. key . . . truly a museum piece!

Don't know if you have more key to post in the future, but I will definitely be checking back periodically to see if you do. Thanks again!

The keys arrived. Everything is fine. Thanks.

Hello Russell,
The keys came today and was real pleased with them,
especially the KCM&O

Thanks for the keys.

Hi Russell,
I wanted to let you know that the keys arrived the other day, safe and sound and packed well as always. Another great crop!

Hi Russell,

Just wanted to let you know, key arrived today and I am very pleased with it.

Thanks again,

hi Russell the key arrived today and I'm very pleased... thank you very much ...

Hi Russell,
I picked up the keys, they are perfect. Thank you very much.
Hopefully my two buddies can find something of interest on your list.

The key arrived today and it was all it was advertised to be. I am happy with it. Thank you for doing business with me.

The key arrived safely today and has been added to our display. We'll check it with the lock when the lock arrives. Thank you for your prompt service. The key is exactly as described and exactly what we wanted to add to our museum.

TROUBLE WITH...Thought I should post them to help
keep other collectors from having a bad situation - be careful!


I was reading your website about the Washington collector,
I too had a run on with a guy in Washington. Wonder if it is
the same guy? Who did you deal with?


It was the same person (in Washington state). He is scum and a thief.
Always trying to rip someone off.

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